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Friday, April 12, 2013

Away: A Short Visit to KL- 3 Missions

Hey peeps!
I'm leaving for a short KL trip. So this blog will be dormant for about 5 days. :)
I'll come back, *with more stories to tell*, don't worry. Hehe.

Why? Well, I have two missions in mind. (Okay, three. But I won't tell what's the last one. Not yet. :P)
The first one isn't really a mission.
I got a Petronas interview on the 13th, at Taylor's. Yeah, yeah I know two more days to go. Well...I only applied because there was an overseas scholarship application and only because I fulfil the criterias.

I applied for finance (first choice) and accounting (second choice). That's the only two courses that aren't science-based (read: engineering). I'm not sure if I really like finance though. I think I can study it, and even work, but probably not very, very, very passionate. LOL.

I already have the KPM bursary for 9A+ and above students, which includes full bursary for Pre-U studies (read: A-Levels). So I'm not worried about no scholarships and such for my next level of education. But well. If you get scholarships from companies, it'll be worries-free until you graduated from your degree. Sure, there'll probably be a bond, you might need to work for them, but then, it's a guaranteed job right? No unemployment problem here. :)

So it's good if I get the scholarship, but it's not the end of the world if I don't. I'll be going there more for the experience, you know, how it's like to be interviewed, what are the common questions being asked, and all the preliminary tests I probably have to go through. Plus I'll be meeting some really smart competitors students there as well, so it might be a valuable experience. At least a better way to spend a day than to stare at a computer all day long.

Penguin interview! I think this is so cute!!!

The second one is really a mission.
I need to visit the private colleges that I'm interested in.
On my "I'm Interested" list right now are HELP, Taylor's and Sunway. Stop right there! I know you're saying, heh so predictable, you're all just considering famous, overpriced, over-commercialised, over-hyped private colleges in Malaysia.

I won't deny that. After all I've just listed the Big 3 of all private colleges. Surely you're asking: why aren't you considering TARC, MCKL, KDU, INTI? Or whatever else. Hmm. Perhaps these are just excuses, but they are my reasons:
TARC: Chinese people all around. Want to improve my English, so I should force myself into an English-speaking environment.
KDU and INTI: If I want to go those two, I'd have done so at Penang, and in January intake also. No reason to fly all the way to KL to study at a college that's available at Penang. Nothing more to be said.
[Edit: I just realized there's a TARC college in Penang. See.]

MCKL: Okay I did consider this before. Also the free iPad is sort of tempting. Lol. But then, MCKL doesn't have facilities as good as the Big 3. After all, Big 3 roll in money, so they can afford to pump more money into facilities. Also, forums said that some of the lecturers are part-timers. I know, don't listen to forums too much. See for yourself, and also note the success of many MCKL graduates. I know. I think I'll like MCKL too.
But then, I've got the bursary. Why not spend it on a college that has much better and newer facilities? Not that MCKL lecturers aren't good, but every college has its share of good and bad lecturers, it depends on your luck, so that's not exactly relevant. I've told myself some time ago, MCKL if I can't get the bursary, 'cause it's quite a good college. But when you have the bursary, money is not a problem anymore. Then go for the place that has the best facilities and everything. :)

It's not like I feel the need to justify myself, but it's just to clear up any confusion over why I'm only considering the Big 3. It's not that I'm all about "branded" education, but it's just I believe that those expensive private colleges would be capable of providing better facilities. Plus, they're not extorting money from my family, so yeah.

So I'll be visiting Sunway, HELP and Taylor's (probably Sri Hartamas), maybe MCKL if I have time. I think I've read up enough about each of them in forums, official websites, etc, so I think the only thing left for me to do is to actually visit the campuses and see around and get the "feel" about which is the one for me.
That's the only thing I can't Google about. Lol.
Third mission...well, it's still very much unknown, doubtful and most importantly a secret.
Promise will let you guys know what's it all about before May rolls around! ;)

I'll definitely need the good luck, but please wish me "have fun" as well! 'cause I intend to do just that! xD
Au revoir for now,

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